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Terms & Conditions Policy


The Terms & Conditions below details your rights and obligations, as well of those of auldridge.com website and AuldridgeGriffin LLC. 

By using this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions below:

Use of the Website

Use of this website is completely free of charge. 


All images on this website are the copyrighted.  It is illegal to use any of these images in full or in part without the express permission of AuldridgeGriffin and/or the website manger. 

Intellectual Property

All materials within the auldridge.com website, including site design, text, graphics, software compilations, underlying source code and software are the intellectual property of auldridge.com website and AuldridgeGriffin LLC.  The copying of such materials is strictly forbidden.


First and foremost, your data is completely safe with us. We will not share it with or sell it to any third party at any time, now or in the future, unless you have specified permission for this during the registration process.

We collect your data, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and will only send out important tax emails that may require your attention and inform you of new tax issues, along with your specified permission during the registration process, subscribing to our monthly newsletters. 


Website security is a major issue and AuldridgeGriffin LLC take this responsibility very seriously. All credit card data is encrypted and secure.

Liability of Loss

Under this agreement the auldridge.com website and AuldridgeGriffin LLC will not be held liable for any loss, directly or indirectly caused by any actions on our part, of information, revenue, profit, business or management time, however caused.

Right to Alter Terms & Conditions

The auldridge.com website and AuldridgeGriffin LLC retains the right to alter the Terms & Conditions set out on this page without prior notice. Any alterations to these Terms & Conditions will, however, be updated on the website and only after such will any new Terms & Conditions be valid in respect to those replaced.