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  • The CPA Firm of AuldridgeGriffin is committed to staying up to date with the news that affects our profession and our clients.

    Whether we're in the news or monitoring the latest tax updates, the accounting Firm of AuldridgeGriffin is committed to providing our clients with advice and recommendations that take into account the most up to date tax laws, the newest regulations, and accounting methods designed to keep you and your business on the leading edge of today's business environment.

    We hope the links below can be a valuable resource for your needs. And we hope that you will Contact Us at 817-558-4000 if you have any questions or need any additional information about what you see in the news.

    Tax Updates – summarized information about recent tax law updates, changes, and pending legislation

    Tax Deadlines – a helpful list of upcoming tax deadlines that might affect you and your business