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Intern Program

                The AuldridgeGriffin Difference

An Internship at AuldridgeGriffin will allow you to gain valuable skills and knowledge, and serve as a cornerstone to building your career in Accounting.


  • The Internship Program at AuldridgeGriffin.

    Our veteran CPAs mentor the interns, helping them to grow.  We train and offer a shadowing program in order to introduce them to our clients while working in a variety of practice areas, so they can become familiar with the many different industries we serve.

    During the internship, Interns will have the chance to work closely with various team members, including partners, who can provide you with quality training, experienced insight, as well as career coaching and mentoring.

    We have active intern programs in place with the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Christian University.  We are currently working to expand our Intern Program into other Universities and Educational Institutions.

    The AuldridgeGriffin Intern Program is the first step to becomeing a CPA and a better career.

    For more information on our Intern Program please Contact Us at 817-558-4000, or email your resume to employment@auldridge.com