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Individual Services





The excellent CPAs and hard working accounting staff at AuldridgeGriffin has a history of providing personal attention.  It is most evident in the individual services we offer to our clients.  As we work together and come to know more about you, your family, and your business, the CPA's at AuldridgeGriffin will come to be an invaluable resource in a variety of situations.  

It's important we serve you first as a trusted advisor, so you know you can rely on the accounting staff at AuldridgeGriffin to do what's best for you!  It's our purpose to give you experienced guidance for your financial matters. In addition, we work with attorneys, bankers, investment advisors, along with other professionals on your behalf. Our long-term relationships in the community allow us to provide you with a teamwork approach.

Below are Individual Services for your choosing:


  • Retirement Planning

    AuldridgeGriffin is pleased to assist you in choosing the right retirement plan for you, your family, and your business.  We are happy to refer you to some of the top retirement planning providers in the area. Our knowledge of the tax advantages and income growth possibilities of various retirement plans will give you the tools you need to make a more informed and effective decision.

  • Estate Planning  

    Our many years of experience in estate planning can work to help you plan an effective and organized plan for a wealth transfer designed to minimize estate taxes and provide for your loved ones. It's our job to understand the options allowed to help give you a solid estate plan no matter what your specific situation or need may be.

  • Litigation Support

    We can help you work through your legal problems as we provide the financial assistance you and your attorney may need in instances such as divorce, business/civil suits, etc. As a valuable part of your legal team we will work closely with your attorney to provide you the best possible financial support to increase your chances for a successful outcome.

  • Banking Relationships

    Our history in the community allows us to assist you in finding and working with financial institutions and lenders that can be a resource for you in your business and personal banking needs. We can get you in front of the right people and can provide you with services such as putting together a loan application package that will help you get the approval you need.

  • Trustee Services

    It is our honor and privilege to serve some of our clients as trustees to provide oversight of their legacy and ensure their wishes are carried out and their heirs are cared for as they desire. We can provide you with this peace of mind as well. Our ethical practices as well as our personal relationships with many clients well into the third generations give us unique qualifications for such a relationship.

  • Personal Attention

    It's all about the individual. That means it's all about YOU.  At AuldridgeGriffin, we hope you enjoy the personal attention, and the expertise we offer in all the individual services you chose.

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